Speaker. Author. Trainer.

Award Winning Networker and Strategist Jennifer Beale guides ambitious and well-meaning professionals on how to build better networks to increase visibility, access better opportunities and receive more referrals.

Jennifer’s connection strategies have helped hundreds of business owners earn hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, one professional earned $66,000 in one week applying her advice. Another earned $30,000 in one day. And another received a $70,000 referral that closed in two weeks.

As a speaker, she shares “from the trenches” advice and stories, encouraging even shy professionals to go beyond networking and build lucrative connections and collaborations for business success.

Referred to as the "Queen of Networking", her ideas have been featured in major media including the National Post and on Global TV.

Jennifer's strategies empower professionals to dream bigger, live more authentically, and sell in a way they actually enjoy. 

What Professionals are saying... 

"Jennifer's connection strategy helped us earn multiple 5-figures within one week."


Kim Chernecki

CEO, Freedom Street Inc.


"You create an amazing space for people to shine!"


Mich Maguire 

Maguire Marketing Group


"Meeting you has truly been a highlight in me identifying myself as an amazing networker."


Hilda Swirsky

Business Owner

"Thank you for being a great event collaborator! You are truly an inspiration and I appreciate everything you do!"


Melanie Delicato

Staples Canada


"Jennifer is the best sort of ally--formidably connected, bursting with energy and an ace at matching one person's most pressing need with another person's core strength."


Rona Maynard

Speaker & Trainer


"Jennifer offers a marketing strategy that is respectful and focuses most on what I can give to people, which aligns with my values. I'm discovering how powerful this approach is and am excited to keep working with Jennifer."


Jesi Whelan

Business Owner

"I've receive the best value for dollars from Jennifer's services than from any other coaching program I've been involved in." 


David Westdorp

Business Consultant

"Jennifer's how-to on networking is a refreshing abundance mindset for getting more clients."


April Terreau

Navigating Integrity Associates



"Jennifer's the ultimate connector and creates such a beautiful container for people to truly get to know one another and build authentic relationships that lead to win-win-win outcomes." 


Larisa Makuch

Business Coach

"We are lucky to benefit from your professionalism, your network, your ability to draw not only people together but draw out their best!"


Mike Woods

Regional Director, Freedom 55 Financial


"Jennifer Beale is the one you want to connect with. Her experience and knowledge is above everyone in the networking world. "


Edith Bedard

Mortgage Alliance


"Jennifer is truly the "Queen of Networking"


Susan Kates

LinkedIn Trainer


"THIS IS BRILLIANT STUFF! We are so lucky to learn from you. I've been a business coach for years and never heard these strategies before! " 

 Karen Aydt

Business Coach, Inner Design International

"I see you as the ultimate networker and people connector!"

Faith Evan West

Executive Career Coach, The White Hawk Group


"The single biggest contributor to boosting entrepreneurs and businesses in the GTA."


Heather Ramsay