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Ambitious professionals know that building a network is the easiest way to acquire clients. That’s why they contact Jennifer when they want to accelerate their business growth.

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Jennifer works with professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in 3 primary ways:

Collaboration Online Masterclass

For professionals, coaches, advisors who are looking for fresh, new ideas to acquire clients and love the idea of working in cooperation with like-minded professionals. This program will level up your ability to collaborate for mutual gain.
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Build Better Networks

1:1 Mentoring

Accelerate your results by engaging in personalized sessions with Jennifer Beale. Customize your Connection Strategy and gain the skills to authentically connect in conversations that captivate and enroll clients.
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Interactive Networking Keynotes & Workshops

Give your event attendees a networking experience that builds their confidence as they interact with attendees. People attend your event to learn - AND they also want to build their network. Give them a memorable experience of both and they'll keep coming back.
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Jennifer Beale

Award Winning Networker

Her clients call her "the Queen of Connecting," a "secret weapon," and an "ace" at matching people. Jennifer cuts through the networking confusion so you build the right connections fast. 


An award winning networker, her connection strategies have helped hundreds of business professionals earn tens of millions of dollars.


Jennifer has led workshops, trainings, and interactive keynotes at Staples Canada, Boards of Trades, Networking Groups, Business Development Centers, Colleges and Universities, and at hundreds of events. Connect with Jennifer for a complimentary Build Better Networks Chat or follow her on LinkedIn.



Jennifer believes...

  • Professionals thrive when surrounded by great people


  • Marketing & sales starts with a relationship

  • Professionals learn best by practicing


  • Connection & interaction lead to the best outcomes

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