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Ambitious professionals know that building a network is the easiest way to acquire clients. That’s why they contact Jennifer when they want to accelerate their business growth.

Jennifer helps you get clients with greater ease in 3 ways: 

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Build a Better Network

Your network is your net worth. Jennifer shows you how to build a better network. By creating the right relationships, you'll get clients faster and with greater ease.
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Build Referral Partnerships

Want more referrals? Jennifer will help you design a Strategic Partner Program to leverage your network and form profitable collaborations.
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Design Your Signature Event

Events are a great way to get lots of clients in a short amount of time. Whether your event is in person or online, Jennifer will work with you to design an event that performs.
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Jennifer Beale

Award Winning Networker & Event Producer

Her clients call her "the Queen of Connecting," a "secret weapon," and an "ace" at matching people. Jennifer cuts through the networking confusion so you build the right connections fast. 


An award winning networker and event producer, her connection strategies have helped hundreds of business professionals earn hundreds of millions of dollars.


Jennifer has led workshops, trainings, and interactive keynotes at Staples Canada, Boards of Trades, Networking Groups, Business Development Centers, Colleges and Universities. And she has produced hundreds of her own Signature Events.


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Jennifer believes...

  • Professionals thrive when surrounded by great people


  • Marketing & sales starts with a relationship

  • Professionals learn best by practicing


  • Connection & interaction lead to the best outcomes

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