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If you are...


  • Wanting to overcome today's challenges of accessing decision makers
  • Wishing your associates would send you more referrals
  • Looking for fresh, new ideas to acquire clients
  • Loving the idea of working in cooperation with like-minded professionals
  • Ready to level up your ability to¬†strike up strategic alliances


Then this experience might be perfect for you!

Scroll down to see what's included and a snapshot agenda.

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Summer Referral Club & Masterclass is a live, online experience where other referral minded professionals like you come together to: 


  • Develop a more thoughtful approach to forming strategic alliances
  • Get real-time direction on how to establish long-lasting mutually beneficial referral partnerships
  • Connect with other smart, collaborative professionals
  • Get insights and input into designing and implementing¬†a Referral Partner Program¬†


Build referral partnerships with influencers and strategic partners and you'll receive better quality referrals and be invited to collaborate on bigger deals. 

Get more clients fast through Referral Partnerships:

Find the Right Strategic Partners

When you form strategic partnerships with the right cooperative partners, referrals flow.

Design a Referral Partner Program That Works

Know the right components to include in your Referral Partner Program, and you'll form partnerships that lead to its best highest-value outcome.

Learn Best Practices

Enhance your meeting skills for maximum gain. Reach mutually beneficial agreements while maintaining positive relationships.

What attendees are saying:

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Who is this course for? 


‚úĒ¬† An independent professional coach, consultant, trainer who is responsible for client acquisition
‚úĒ¬† An ambitious professional who is results-focused, marketing and sales oriented, and open to new ideas¬†


‚úĒ¬† Entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners who want to triple their referrals to grow their business



Who is this course not for? 


‚úĖ¬† If you don't like working with others you will greatly dislike this course
‚úĖ¬† This course is not for passive learners as you will be implementing the teachings¬†to get referrals
‚úĖ¬† This course is not for people¬†who like to¬†observe trainings without actively participating

What's included:

‚úĒ¬† Live Sessions! All of our sessions will be held live - nothing pre-recorded
‚úĒ¬† Replays of all sessions so you can review the master trainings
‚úĒ¬† Referral Partner Program design template and cheat sheets
¬†‚úĒ¬† 1:1 mentoring session with Jennifer Beale
‚úĒ¬† Real time results -¬† referral partners, build your better network right away
‚úĒ¬† Learn by doing - everyone attending the program works on¬†actively building their referral partner program

What professionals say after taking Jennifer's Masterclasses:


"I’ve received the best value for dollars from this program than from any coaching program I’ve been involved in."


David Westdorp, Business Consultant

"By applying just 1 concept, I got booked as a podcast guest, was invited to be an expert for Health Canada, and signed up 3 new clients for a brand new program all in one week."


Leanne Monaghan, Business Coach

"Jennifer's training program works. In one day I got a new client, a new referral partner, had a referral register for my upcoming event, and got booked for a speaking gig."


Vicki Dello Joio, Speaker Coach
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Snapshot Agenda

All Sessions will be recorded.

6 Fridays @ 10-11 am EST on Zoom:

  • July 12 & 19
  • August 2 & 16
  • September 6 & 20

BONUS: 1 In-person Networking Event in Toronto - August 14 @ 5 pm


Here's the format and topics for the virtual session: 

  • Connect with other attendees
  • Share in group discussions
  • Understand the components of a successful Referral Partnership Program
  • Identify the right potential¬†referral partners
  • Establish a meeting outline so you always lead powerful, productive, results-focused referral meetings¬†
  • Build a better network by identifying and connecting with people who make ideal referral partners¬†
  • Establish an effective Referral Partner agreement


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Who is leading the Masterclass & Club?

Jennifer Beale

Award Winning Networker, Connector, Collaborator, Community Builder


After helping hundreds of professionals earn tens of millions of dollars as a collaborator, Jennifer Beale discovered the main reason people don't get cooperation from their associates is they simply don't have the right strategy to build deep enough relationships.


As a once shy business owner, Jennifer failed many times but didn't quit till she overcame all the common obstacles. That's why she created the Collaboration Masterclass to bring together professionals who are sincere about doing it right.

When you join, you'll discover through bi-weekly group training sessions an easy straightforward approach to building collaborations. Jennifer will  show you exactly how it's done right.

Here's just a few of the outcomes from her collaboration approach:

  • An attendee received a fully qualified referral to the key decision maker of an 8-figure business.
  • A business consultant closed an almost $100,000 deal in less than 2 weeks from introduction.
  • Another trusted advisor closed multiple deals worth $66,000 in less than one week through a collaboration.

Sound good? Join us on this journey to becoming a Connector. Discover how to build referral partnerships and land more bigger and faster-closing deals through referrals. With the right strategy, skills, and system, you'll receive consistent referrals.

Earn while you learn. The Summer Referral Club & Masterclass starts July 5. 


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