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Mentoring for professionals and business owners who want to triple their profit.
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Build Better Networks is a fast-paced, hands on program that teaches well-meaning professionals how to become a  Connector.


Land clients faster and increase your profits. 


Lack of support. Fierce competition. Rising costs. And marketing that doesn't work. These are all holding you back. 
When you spend too much time trying to get clients you can become isolated. And when you spend too much money trying to get clients, it eats away your profit. You work hard... but it feels like you'll never get ahead.

Let's Succeed Together

If you want more clients, you need a marketing strategy that's starts with relationships.


You need to build a better network of key people who are willing to share resources and refer you clients.
Build Better Networks is a mentoring and training program that guides you in building a network of the right people who will help you get new clients fast.

"Jennifer's practical mentoring showed me how easy it can be to ask for and get what I need and want from my network. She's also   beautifully kind-hearted." 

Cassandra Ciarallo, Transformational Coach

Better Network!

More Meetings! 

More Sales!

That's the goal . . .

The goal for Build Better Networks is clear ‚Äď we want you to triple your profit in the shortest amount of time by building a network of helpful referral partners and collaborators.
Can you imagine how this would feel?  
You no longer have to do everything by yourself. 
You'll get easy access to key decision makers. 
You'll land more clients in a shorter amount of time. 
And you'll spend significantly less on marketing.  
With the right Connection Strategy, we can get you to this place!

"Jennifer’s mentoring program showed me how to connect authentically with key strategic partners. Before, when I reached out, no one responded. I'm now being represented by one of the world's top art dealers, am invited to speak at relevant events, and have initiated numerous collaborations."

Julie Siracusa, The Ocean Artist

What you get in the

Build Better Networks Program


Dive deep into areas of your business that need the most attention to raise your revenue. You'll optimize the areas that need most attention to achieve your goals.


These facilitated masterclasses surround you with like-minded and hearted collaborative professionals who share insights along with partnership opportunities.


Create a roadmap to the life achievements you've always dreamed of. Then get your business to bring you the revenue. These quarterly check ins ensure you are developing the appropriate habits, building the right relationships, and focusing on the right daily tasks to bring everything to reality.


These sessions dive deep into the curriculum so you learn and apply the concepts faster.


No more bad networking. The facilitated no-pitch format of these events means you get to engage at a high level, and enjoy finding potential clients, referral partners and collaborators without any awkwardness or pressure.


Studies show that regular feedback and guidance keeps you on track and increases your success in achieving what matters most to you. You'll be given a set of simple tools to get you started, and bi-weekly coaching calls to keep you motivated and on track week by week through the entire year.

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"Using skills from the masterclasses, I just hosted my first client appreciation event and landed many new opportunities. Take Jennifer's program. It will raise your game and move you faster towards your goals. Not to mention, Jennifer is a wonderful and kind person who is a pleasure to work with." 

Sanjay Makkar, Wealth Advisor



My clients call me "the Queen of Connecting," a "secret weapon," and an "ace" at matching people. 
I believe what matters most in business is the relationships you keep.
I cut through the networking confusion so you build a better network with the right people. By empowering purpose-driven solopreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs to connect for mutually successful, long-lasting business partnerships, sales grow naturally. 
I've helped hundreds of business professionals earn tens of millions of dollars during the past 20 years. If you are looking to build high-value connections faster, my mentoring and training programs work, especially if you spend a lot of time marketing but are disappointed with the results. 
Going alone is not a good option. So let's break free from doing it all ourselves and start helping one another achieve the results we desire.
Join me and some incredible ambitious and well-meaning professionals on a journey of discovery, purpose and confidence.
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  • You are working really hard and not increasing your annual revenue.
  • Your current marketing strategies are not working as well as you think they should.
  • You'd like to add an additional $50,000-$100,000 in annual revenue.
  • You know there are more opportunities but you‚Äôre unsure how to grab them.
  • You have a great product or service.
  • You have at least 2 years experience running a business.
  • You're looking for a supportive business community to belong to.
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Belong to a community of Connectors who support you success. Together you'll discover how to build a better network of referral partners & collaborators. We meet by Zoom on Fridays. Combined with an online library of trainings, worksheets and templates, you'll have everything you need to design your Connection Strategy & System, along with a Conversation Framework so you have intensely productive meetings. This program focuses on you having lots of meetings with qualified prospects so you get more clients. Starting at $300 Cdn.

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Mentoring 1:1

Get customized, personalized 1:1 mentoring to build your better network. You decide the area of your business that needs the most attention. I'll guide you along the path. When you face obstacles of any kind, I'm here to get you through so you keep momentum. This program let's you optimize the areas that need most attention to achieve your goals. Mentoring includes access to the Masterclass. Starting at $750 Cdn.

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Signature Events  

This program lets you identify the right Signature Event Strategy for getting lots of clients in a short amount of time. Through 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching you design, build and launch a duplicatable, repeatable and modifiable event that is aligned with the right offer. This program includes everything you need to host your own events, including marketing and sales. Includes the production of 1 webinar. Starts at $5,000. 

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"If you want results take Jennifer's program. From today's 4 meetings I got:

  • a new client
  • a new referral partner
  • an attendee register for my event
  • booked for a speaking gig."
Vicki Dello Joio, Power Presentation Coach


"I’ve received the best value for dollars from Jennifer’s services than from any coaching program I’ve been involved in."

David Westdorp, Marketing & Sales Consultant

"My referrals have gone up 40%, and my closing rate has gone up as well because of the trust factor. If you want more clients and a steady stream of referrals, I highly recommend you take this program." 

Joel Mandelbaum, Digital Sherpa

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