Summer Referral Club & Masterclass

3x Your Referrals This Summer

For B2B Professionals & Business Owners.

Live online Referral Group meets the 1st & 3rd Fridays

July 5 to September 20, 2024  @ 10 am EST (60 minutes)

Sessions will be recorded.

Referrals are the fastest way to get new clients. Given they close faster, for larger sized deals, it's a shame more professionals don't focus on developing referral partners as one of their main client acquisition strategies.

This summer, dive into the ultimate referral club led by Jennifer Beale, an award-winning networker known for helping hundreds of professionals generate hundreds of millions of dollars through strategic connections.

Snapshot Agenda

All Sessions will be recorded.

7 Fridays @ 10-11:30 am EST on Zoom:

  • July 5, 12, 19
  • August 2 & 16
  • September 6 & 20

1 In-person Networking Event in Toronto - August 14 @ 5 pm

$750 Early Bird: $488 (limited offer)

Here's the format and topics for the virtual session: 

  • Connect with other attendees
  • Share in group discussions
  • Understand the components of a successful Referral Partnership Program
  • Identify the right potential referral partners
  • Establish a meeting outline so you always lead powerful, productive, results-focused referral meetings 
  • Build a better network by identifying and connecting with people who make ideal referral partners 
  • Establish an effective Referral Partner agreement

Investment includes applicable taxes HST#705617488 RT0001

EARLY BIRD $488 Cdn includes applicable taxes

I understand:
The Summer Referral Club is a one-time payment of $488.
Payment cannot be deferred or suspended.
All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be used as credit or to redeem other services or events.
I agree to:
I will attend all sessions. If I cannot attend a session live, I will watch the replay so I am prepared for the next session.
I will be prepared for all training sessions. 
I subscribe to the Five Cultural Tenets of the Transformational Connector Community:
In a community of ambitious business professionals it's very easy to be so goal oriented that we forget that others have dreams, visions and goals too. Respect is a two-way street. The Golden Rule says treat others as you would like to be treated. That's a great starting point. The Platinum Rule is treat others as they want to be treated.
A rising tide lifts all ships. When you focus on helping others, the culture thrives. When we take too much, the community shrinks accordingly. For top connectors and collaborators to play well together we need to embrace an environment of generosity. Our core way of doing this is by being FOR the best in each person. Staying optimistic, constructive and encouraging helps us all want to work well together in good faith.
Being the example is about leading by example. It’s about taking the time to ask yourself how should I act and what would I do if I were the poster child Connector? We don’t teach something we don’t do ourselves.
It’s very easy for a community of ambitious professionals to talk a lot and yet not do a lot. Here at Referrals Masterclass we know that what you actually do really matters. This whole game is built around you and your contribution to others, as such it is critical that we keep the promises we make to ourselves. If referrals and collaborations are our strategy then you have to integrate giving and receiving. These two domains are what opens the flow.
Whether it’s here in this program or out in your marketplace you are committing to a leadership role. You are choosing to be a positive influence on others and to stand for making a difference. We balance making money, with making a difference and do so by helping you make meaning. We are more a community than a tribe but if we were a tribe it would be a tribe of chiefs, each building and sharing with their own tribe. Lead this community and lead your own.